"immersed in an ocean of air

waves of clouds float away colorless thoughts

each brush stroke a caress, a smile

merging night and day

melting together the hues and shades

Immersed in an ocean of air

waves of color suspend me in the Now

each drop a release, a surge of energy

helping me unleash our innate connection

painting the beauty of our universal canvas"


Peace and quiet,no voices, inside or out
only the birds and the breeze
Inner peace
no voices, inside or out
only the ohm and the light
Shared peace
no voices, inside or out
only the smiles and the hugs
World peace
no voices, inside or out
only the love, yours and mine


Never sure,

so indecisive,

so insecure

The curtain of doubt

disguises the truth

So I follow you

or you

or you




walking around in emptiness

concealing the pain

that tears the soul



taking it all in

lashing out

Black, dark,



I'm safe,
i'm loved,
I'm understood,
I'm inspired,
I'm healed,
I'm cleansed,
I'm empowered,
I'm awakened,
I'm at peace,

Peirano:Last Phase.jpg

The moon wanes

the time of death nears

and the old becomes compost for the new

The dark goddess

rules the darkness with her white light


finally rests within

She will arise

to seduce me with precious gift s

and I will celebrate

Peirano_Surrender_ oil_36x24_1950.jpg

I quietly surrender

to the depths of the dark

I let go of the finality of endings

and welcome the offerings

of new beginnings

I ruthlessly discard


no longer serves

I release the madness of the mind

and embark in this


phase with no fear

I openly surrender



wise messages within

I let free the wild and primal energies

and await the sacred gifts of rebirth


I’m changing


Late, but fast

Can’t seem to stop

The old abandons me

fading away

The new essence will emerge

Peirano_just when it all falls apart.JPG

Just when I give up

Just when everything

goes wrong

and all things fall apart

and the torment is unbearable

Just then,

the light appears

with hope amidst the chaos

reminding me that it’s futile to resist the inevitable transformation

the metamorphosis

that will be me


Feel it

don’t run away


stay a bit longer

it won’t be long

nothing is,

nature understands

Peirano_Mariana_Ancestral Vision.JPG

I Recognize her

but memory doesn't

too many lives ago perhaps

I find resemblance

but memory can’t

too far ahead perhaps


Never ending chatter,

yakking incessantly in my mind

contaminating my soul

infecting it with ego

Immortal time, always running

ticking endlessly past me

Make it stop

Let me just Be

Let me surrender to the Now

and be one with the light


The illusion manipulates my actions and I blindly follow it’s lead

I cry and I laugh

I eat and I drink

I run and I walk

I rush and I slow down

and I blindly follow it’s lead

An illusion won’t let me just BE!

7Worry copy.JPG

Tired of worrying

Constant anguish

anguish of uncertainty

misery of anticipation

all for what may not be

Creasing my skin

drying me from the inside

wasting my time


It’s not that serious

but the mind tricks us,

it keeps it a secret

It’s not that serious

but the soul accepts it

keeps it hidden

so no one will see


Abandoned by her children

Nature quietly mourns

Mistreated, hurt

Nature silently weeps

Wounded, drained

Nature slowly withers

Agonizing until her open wound

cover the earth


Like the short lived hues of the fallen leaves

the scant grays appear on the mirror

forecasting the white winter

The dry and chilled breeze

make the leaves crumble to pieces

and my skin slowly shrivel

I fall pale with exhaustion receding into the earth

letting go of what’s been

awaiting the fiery and powerful season of transformation


In sorrow I roam the arid life

empty, stale, alone

searching for the hidden self

starving, craving the energy

gone Gray inside and out

and yet they shine around me

Gray, detached

no one sees


Gray until when?